Friends of North Cemetery

The Friends of North Cemetery is a small constituted group made up of local residents, working in partnership with relevant Council officers, police and others to tackle concerns around:

  • Anti Social Behaviour
  • Intimidation
  • Crime and Fear of Crime
  • Young people drinking & socialising
  • Litter problems
  • Lighting
  • Maintenance
  • Vandalism & deterioration of headstones & graved areas
  • dog walkers abusing the area
  • Area unwelcoming and unpleasant

 Our Aims

i.        To maintain, improve and protect the existing area within and including the boundary walls.

ii.        To retain its history and provide a safe and tidy sustainable green space, a peaceful environment and eco friendly habitat.

What we have been doing

Bio Diversity Activities

  • Bulb planting
  • Tree planting
  • The creation of Patches of wild green spaces
  • Installation of bird boxes
  • Bat walks
  • Mini Beast hunts

Encourage Visitors

Seating installed for the first time in many years
Four new gates installed
Improved steps with hand rail
Surface the ground within a seating area- Now Completed

Cutting Crime, Anti-Social Behaviour and Vandalism

Victorian style lighting installed

We involve the Community particularly young people in projects

Whilst changes within the Cemetery have appeared to revolve around increasing the bio-diversity, the Aesthetic appearance has improved, Criminal activity and vandalism as reduced and there’s is a feeling that the cemetery is safer to enter.

Historical Activities

We are continuing to develop our data base of those interred soon to be opened up and headstone photography to be made available. Has anyone got any old photographs of the cemetery or related material that maybe included

  • Burial List into print including some with stories of those interred and headstone photos-PendingFoundation wall of Lodge
  • Headstone history walk with Steve Robbins
  • Headstone reading events with local  School children head by Rachel Grahame of Tees Archaeology
  • Headstone cleaning event
  • Archaeological Dig conducted by Tees Archaeology re-established the position of both Chapels & Lodge (see image right)
  • Headstone recording including photography
  • History of Site into print “A brief History” booklet. (See Cemetery History)
  • Family research activities with Hartlepool Library Service.
  • Reinstatement of the War Memorial & Individual Headstones(See News)


i.        To maintain a balance between the site as a Cemetery, its history and the Councils designation as an open green space
ii.        Funding is a major challenge
iii.       Persuading Council not to reduce the maintenance programme
iv.       Encourage greater accessibility to headstone areas
v.        Encouraging people to be more respective, of the site
vi.       Continue to raise awareness of the sites history and as a place to visit

Proposed future projects




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