Stunning books reveal a piece of Hartlepool history


Article taken from Hartlepool Mail

New books detailing 55,000 people in a Hartlepool cemetery have been published by a dedicated group of researchers.

The hard-working members of the Friends of North Cemetery have spent more than two years looking at the project.

The end result is a set of 15 books of interment, each filled with names, where the person lived, and whether they were buried in consecrated ground.

A location of their burial plot is also included so that living relatives can trace where they are – especially those with an interest in family tree research.

The project has been carried out by the Friends in conjunction with Irene Cross, Neighbourhood Development Officer with Hartlepool Borough Council.

She has worked with the group on projects since 2012 and said: “The books can locate loved ones who no longer have a headstone. It is that kind of help.”

An excellent piece of research and the library are delighted to add this document to the library collection Diane Marlbrough As well as details on people buried, there are photographs of the graves and monuments to be found in the cemetery which covers the Hart Lane, Raby Road, Jesmond Road and Chester Road areas.

Irene added: “It has taken two years to put this together and the group itself is not a large one. The Friends of North Cemetery were instrumental in the research.”

The books are for reference only. One copy of each of the 15 has been given to the Central Library in York Road where it is held in the reference section.

Those wanting to access it should go to the desk in the reference section.

Diane Marlbrough, from the library, said the series of books were “an excellent piece of research and the library are delighted to add this document to the library collection.”

A spokesman for the Friends said: “We hope the books help the residents of Hartlepool who may be undertaking family history research. We hope they are well used.”


For accuracy there are 16 Books and took 3 years to complete.



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