Richard Lee – Inscription


Birth: Unknown


Died:  (23rd)June 1865


Place of Death: Stranton


Interred: West Hartlepool Cemetery which now forms part of North Cemetery


Date of Interment: 25th June 1865


Burial plot: South West 3 B C (B=Plot Area. C=Consecrated)


Headstone: A partial headstone still exists, but removed. It now lines the main upper path with many others, embedded in the tarmac


Position along the Path: Left 57


Inscription is carved, very eroded & reads with difficulty: This stone was erected by Stevenson Lee in memory of his uncle Richard Lee who died—-(23rd June 1865 aged 68 Years)

Sourced & Checked with additional info added in brackets where applicable: West Hartlepool Cemetery Purchased Graves & Inscription Transcripts Durham Archive. Friends of North Cemetery Book of Interment South West 1856 – 1871 (Hartlepool Central Library) West Hartlepool  Cemetery Burial Register May 1856 – July 1871 microfiche 1053 Hartlepool Central Library. (Now known as Community Hub Central)