John S Payne – Inscription


Birth: Unknown


Died: 14th May 1871


Place of Death: (See inscription)


Interred: West Hartlepool Cemetery which now forms part of North Cemetery


Date of Interment: tbc


Burial Plot: South East 191 A*C (A=Plot Area. *C Denotes Consecrated Ground North side of the upper smaller path)


Purchase of Plot: March 1894 by Charles Payne. Address: Middlesbrough


Headstone: A headstone still exist, but removed. It now stands against the boundary wall of Raby Road


Position along the wall:


Inscription is worn & reads with difficulty: In loving memory of John S Payne master mariner who lost his life by collision in the S.S T.S WESS—–20th May 1871 aged 40 years. Also Mary Payne wife of the above who died May 14th 1893 aged 62 year