Frederick Wilmot Temple – Inscription


Birth: Unknown


Died: 12th September 1919


Place of Death: Duke Street


Interred: West Hartlepool Cemetery which now forms part of North Cemetery


Date of interment: 16th September 1919


Burial plot: South West 188 D U (D=Plot Area. U=Unconsecrated)


Headstone: A partial headstone still exists, but removed. It now stands against the Raby Road boundary wall with many others


Position along the wall: 6


Inscription is etched, good & reads: In loving memory of Frederick Wilmot Temple, who died Sept 12th 1919, aged 29 years “in the midst of life, we are in death” also Edward Temple who died March 21st 1923 aged 63 years also Annie E beloved wife of Edward Temple———–

Sourced & Checked with additional info added in brackets where apppplicable: West Hartlepool Cemetery Purchased Graves & Inscription Transcripts Durham Archive. Friends of North Cemetery Book of Interments South West 1891 – 1923 (Hartlepool Central Library) West Hartlepool Cemetery Burial Register Aug 1913 – Nov 1991 microfiche 1056 Hartlepool Central Library. (Now known as Community Hub Central)